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Brand Story

                                                          Brand story about Mcase

    Cell phone cases are not only about protecting phones, but more importantly, are about the feeling of cell phone lovers.

    There always is a mood story behind each beautiful phone case.

    Each story has love and warmness, and includes return of health and fashion.

    Early back in 2002, Mr Powell has ”smelled“ of the business opportunity behind the stories, and became a pioneer of developing this blue sea market for phone cases out of the red sea.

    When starting the company, Mr Powell and his team has set up their goal as providing the best phone cases for middle and high end consumers by insisting high class and original design concept and continuous innovation.

    Mr Powell innovates not for innovation itself, but by putting care for consumers into company’s products and culture, pursuing simplicity and fashion in design, applying new environmental material to embody the beauty of original ecology, and protecting cell phones from dropping and abrasion.

    Mr Powell’s concept has been recognized by many international brands. We have cooperated with Audi, Subaru,Honda,Case-mate, Guess, Lacoste, HTC, P&G, Logiix,YouTube, Disney, Google, Vero Moda, SCA,Santok,WESC, Tommy Hilfiger, etc and received,unanimous praise from customers. During the process, we have also achieved more detailed designs and more superior quality products.

                                                       My case,my love,my attitude

    2014, it’s the time!

    When we make branded products for our customers, we also desire to have our own brand. So, Mcase came into being. Mcase stands for my case, my love, and even more - my attitude. In details we see the spirit – cell phone case is not only about one person’s preferences, but also about his or her attitude to life.

    Our attitude is: never stop innovation, never stop being cool, never stop love.

    Holding the care for cell phone users, we are the first to break traditional chemical fiber material and input environmental concept. Mcase products have many advantages and features like radiation-proof,high hardness,light weight,fire resistant,natureal and environmental, etc. We have world class manufacturing technology and can provide safe, natural, environmental and heartfelt operating environment for all cell phone users.

    My case, my love, my attitude !